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The Optional Official GW Certification Process

This Certificate is only available for students who have completed the GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation  Course, and feel they are competent in applying the GW techniques, and are ready to be assessed by the GW Founder, Anna Glasson. Available within 120 days of commencing the Course.


Some students, such as beauty therapists, don’t bother with the Certificate; they just want to add new techniques to their offerings.


The main benefits of securing a GW Registered Numbered Certificate are; if you wish to call yourself a GW Facial Therapist and/or require professional indemnity insurance for a new Facial Therapy business. Once you have completed the requirements you will receive your GW Certificate.

GW Facial Therapy GW Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Certification will allow you to practice in any country. The course has been approved by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

Certificated GW Facial Therapists who have successfully completed the GW Facial Therapy Japanese Facial Rejuvenation Training Course can apply to the IICT for Professional Indemnity insurance in 35 countries.


Either way, with or without, you can still access the same training Course, learn the techniques, buy products from the Wholesale Store and use our new Zoom Support.


Prior to the Zoom Assessment and after, to help improve your level of competency, you can have as many Zoom Support Sessions with Anna as you wish.


To enable you to satisfy Certification requirements, you will need to comply with the following -


  1. Theory Examination – Questions PDF - you will be provided with this sheet to complete. There are 20 questions from the Theory section of the course. Each has three answers to choose from.

  2. Theory Examination (self-correcting) – Answers PDF - You will be provided with this sheet to enable you to self-correct your answers, learning from the process, before submitting the completed Examination Form by email to the GW Support Team.

  3. Practical Treatment Recording Sheet -  you will need to do twelve one hour GW Japanese Facial treatments on family, friends or clients. The date and their comments are to be recorded on the sheet. The completed Recording Sheet is to be copied (or first page photographed) and sent by email to the GW Support Team.

  4. The last requirement is the Zoom Assessment Session with Anna. This is usually a one hour assessment where you will demonstrate your preferred GW treatment techniques on a model. Anna will provide advice and help you to further fine-tune your techniques.

    To proceed
    When you ready and feeling competent in applying the GW Techniques, please email us and we will then email you the required documentation. When you have completed the Exam and the 12 treatments you will then contact the GW Support Team. We will then proceed to make an appointment for the Assessment at a time which suits you and Anna.

GW Japanese Facial Therapy Certificate
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