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GW Zoom Support Session 
Exclusively for students who have purchased GW Training videos.

Need extra help? The Zoom Support Session can be purchased for US$220 by students who have purchased any of our GW training videos.


The exclusive one-on-one Zoom Support Session will be with our GW Master Trainer - Anna Glasson.  Our focus is to help you become the very best Facial Therapist that you can achieve. The GW Support Session is relaxed and will usually run for up to one hour, shorter if you are satisfied that you have the information you need.

Note from Anna: You will discover your practice models, whether family, friends or clients, will really enjoy having you work on them. It is a good idea to ask for feedback from your practice models as you will learn from this. Like everything, the more you practice the GW techniques, the easier it becomes.

Preparation for the Fine-Tuning Support Session with Anna
You will need -

  1. A Zoom app setup on your computer or iPad and ready to go (do a practice run with a friend before the actual session)

  2. A person (‘model’) to work on so Anna can help you to fine-tune your techniques.

  3. A webcam and someone to hold it for you whilst you are working on your ‘model’

  4. Check to ensure the webcam has a microphone

  5. You can relax and enjoy the Zoom session as Anna is very friendly and will help you with any techniques you need assistance with.  She will also answer your questions, give you tips and advice and help you to ‘fine-tune’ and improve your techniques.

You can purchase the Zoom Session below for US$220.
To purchase a Zoom Support Session CLICK HERE
Note: When you have purchased the Support Session, a time for the Session will be organized by email with you. A time to suit both you and Anna. :-)


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